Topical Health And Travel Tips For The Tropics

Topical Health And Travel Tips For The Tropics

If you are lucky enough to be travelling to the Tropics this season, then we’ve got a few tips for you to keep you healthy.

Be Prepared Before You Go

Research the destination and be ahead of the game when it comes to knowing about the culture and the climate. Make sure you know what vaccinations you should be getting before leaving. The Foreign Office is a wealth of information for this.

Stock up on Snacks

Mix some nuts and seeds together and make your very own ‘trail mix’ to keep you going when the going might get tough. Keep enough for the whole trip if you can.

Pack a Packet

Resealable bags are essential as you can keep medication, liquids or food in them. They will also keep wet clothing away from other clothes preventing the spread of bacteria.


Screen Up

Purchase insect repellent appropriate to the destination. A wide brimmed hat is also a great protective piece of clothing ensuring the heat and sun don’t get to you.

Fits like a glove

Also, purchase the invisible glove lotions that you can obtain from chemists and other suppliers. This lotion literally protects your hands from bacteria and other germs. And, it doesn’t wash away easily.

Pack Essentials

If you are taking medication, then make sure you take extra. And, it might be worth throwing in extra glasses if you have them, too. Carry medication in separate bags and keep spare doses in a safe on arrival.

Be Friendly

It is often better to be on good terms with people living locally than to stay strangers. Should you require assistance, then you will find more people willing to help but beware of those who might not have good intentions.

Food Friendly

The fresher the food the better, but if you can find fruits and vegetables that can be peeled, then all the better as there is less chance of them being contaminated by microbes. Your trail mix will be on hand should the food not look so inviting.

Keep topping up

Make sure you update your sun cream at regular intervals, particularly after swimming. Don’t just go on what it says on the can. You should also reapply your insect repellent day and night to keep those pests at bay.

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Drink, drink, drink

Make sure you are frequently and often drinking bottled water to keep hydrated and avoid contaminated water. In addition, it is worth being a little careful over how much beer and alcohol you consume as this can dehydrate you.

And, use a straw to drink directly out of a bottle if glasses or cups aren’t readily available. This will also avoid contamination of germs.

Walk in your own shoes

Keep shoes handy and feet protected at all times in case you step on parasites or insects that can burrow their way into you. Better to avoid unnecessary dangers.

Always be careful that when you drink out of bottled water, make sure the cap is unopened beforehand. Some unscrupulous hotels abroad will refill water bottles with tap water to save of costs. This is when you may be infected with contaminated water illness.