Rocking Nightlife of Bangalore

Rocking Nightlife of Bangalore

Bangalore has always carved a niche for itself for its nightlife. Bangalore is often called as the “Pub capital of India”. There are over 800 night clubs, pubs and lounges in Bangalore. The city has seen a high increase in the pub culture, post the city was named as the IT hub. The city sees a large influx of people from all over the Globe, coming to Bangalore and making this their place of stay. Bangalore pub culture has got a new lease of life, after the deadline was extended from 11pm to 1 pm on Friday and Saturday.

Commencing the hectic weekend nightlife

Bangalore’s nightlife starts as soon as Sun is down on Friday’s. Groups from colleges and offices make their weekend plans. There are a number of pubs in Bangalore and many a times we are spoilt for choice. Once the group has come to consensus on the budget they are looking for the night and the area they are looking at they can decide on the area they would like to go to. The prominent areas in Bangalore with a number of pubs to hop on to and hop on from are Lavelle Road, Indira Nagar and Koramangala. All thes pubs have a variety of cocktails, mock tails and wines on offer.

Like other European Countries various pubs and lounges in Bangalore are based on different themes. The cuisine on offer in the pub would also be matching to the theme. Currently a number of sports clubs have opened in Bangalore, like the Puma social club and here youngsters have an opportunity to engage in casual talk, drinking as well as playing snooker and other games. Lounges in UB city gives its customers a lovely opportunity to nurse their drink on the terrace and at the same time enjoy the skyline of Bangalore. These lounges offer excellent Tapas and Sushi’s and these are a must try.

Popular pubs in Bangalore

The young crowd and people who do not mind spending money head to the pubs in UB city such as Shiros, City Bar and Skyype Live Casino Online. These are located in the heart of the city, A new pub which is a trend setter is the Biere club on Lavelle Road. The pub is famous for brewing its own beer and it is extremely crowded during the weekend. Young couples and office goers’ favorite destination is Indira Nagar with a number of pubs and clubs in the area. The famous ones are Cirrus, Toit and Hopplpola and this pub is known for its Bohemian culture.

With the deadline of the pubs being extended during the weekend, police are on the prowl for drunk driving. If you are planning to have a night out, it is advisable to hail a cab and head back home. There are a number of reputed taxi services in Bangalore which are a call away. After your hectic nightlife if your hunger pangs till get the better of you the best place to head to is Empire hotel. The menu on offer includes; chicken and Keema masala dosa and they are scrumptious.