Packing Your Luggage For Hawaii

Packing Your Luggage For Hawaii

So, you are planning a dream vacation to Hawaii? If so, you are bound to have a great time, you just need to know how and exactly what to pack for your stay. Here are some suggestions for a perfectly packed luggage.

The basics

For your daytime sightseeing, you need nothing more than casual wear -just a T-shirt and a pair of shorts are perfect for the daytime. As for dinner, you won’t have to dress up in order to be admitted to the majority of restaurants. Most of them require nothing more than ‘resort wear’, which means khaki trousers or dress-shorts and a collared shirt for men and sun dresses, dressier shorts, capri pants and casual skirts for ladies. In other words, pack light in terms of clothes.

Hawaii is warm all year round, but if you are visiting during the winter, there is a chance you can encounter a cold spell. Therefore, you will need to bring a light jacket with you.

Of course, you will be going for a swim so you will most definitely need to bring a swimsuit. As a matter of fact, rather bring two pairs so that you can always have a dry one to wear. It would be good to have a swim suit cover up, for some resorts require you to cover up while in the lobby.

A pair or two of long trousers are crucial for certain activities like horseback riding, hiking, etc. To save on space, wear one of these on your plane ride.

For a sunny place like Hawaii, you will naturally need sunglasses. Polarized ones are the perfect choice. Other sun-protecting aids include sunscreen (being sun-burnt can be among the worst things that can happen to you while on vacation), lip balm, as well as a hat or a visor.

As you will be going round exploring the area, maps and guidebook(s) are paramount. While still at home prior to arriving in Hawaii, spend some time to outline on the map and guidebook the places you want to visit In a way, prepare a travel itinerary beforehand.

Your personal camera with plenty of memory and battery life. If your camera ‘runs’ on regular batteries, have a few couple of them in your hand luggage. However, if it uses a Li-ion battery, don’t forget the charger. You will be surprised at the amount of pictures you will want to take.

Binoculars are a must in case you plan to do some lava watching, bird watching or whale watching. And, it’s more than advisable for you to do so.

A first aid kit with your personal medicine supplies and a certain insect repellent will be more than useful.

You will also need to be prepared in case it rains, so make sure you pack a pair of rain-proof shoes or boots as well as an umbrella or rather a raincoat, as it takes less space when folded.

In case you decide to go hiking on your holiday, consider bringing the following:

  • Hiking shoes you don’t mind getting dirty and, eventually, even throwing away.
  • Hiking poles. They are not essential but could be useful if you’ll be doing some extensive hiking.
  • A lightweight backpack to put your water bottle and hiking essentials in.
  • A couple of power bars to give you the energy you need to hike that extra mile of track.
  • Gloves could be really useful in order to provide a better grip.
  • If you are going lava watching at night, make sure you take a flashlight with you.