Keep Yourself Out of Harm’s Way on Holiday

Keep Yourself Out of Harm's Way on Holiday

The world is truly our oyster these days and we find ourselves jetting off to the far flung corners of the Globe. In fact, we are probably travelling so frequently now that we take some of the issues for granted that we were once so stringent in adhering to. The one issue that is high on the agenda for travelers is safety and security, and yet we still make the same mistakes on every trip. So, perhaps we should refresh our memories on the vital advice that should be at the forefront of our minds before we board the plane, step on to that ferry or clamber aboard the train.


The first thing to consider is your health, and this should start long before you pack your bags. You need to check out the most appropriate form of insurance cover for your family and for the destination. If you should get ill or have an accident, then this could have far-reaching impact on your life both from a health point of view and from a financial point of view.

You may not need to spend a lot on insurance, especially if you are travelling between European destinations covered by the Ehic. But, you do need to look into it.

And while you are looking into health insurance, make sure your valuables are covered, too. It would be dreadful to lose that most valuable ring or your work on your computer and not be insured.

Valuable Advice

And although you might be financially covered for your lost items, you may want to stop for a minute to ask yourself whether you really need to take that ring or necklace. If you do, then it is probably best to carry them with you rather than pack them in luggage that can go astray.

Make copies of any valuable documentation and leave them at home. Also, when you arrive, lock up as many of your valuables including paperwork as possible and don’t’ travel around with them as an invitation to pick-pockets.

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Check for Cheques

If you don’t want to carry cash and are worried about how to deal with currency while travelling, then you could opt for traveler’s cheques. These are still accepted in a variety of locations and can be obtained from your bank.

If they get stolen, then it is much easier to cancel and replace them.

Don’t Travel Alone

You may not be able to avoid travelling alone but, if you can, stay in groups as this is a much safer way to explore the local cities -especially at night. Don’t head into dark areas alone or with people you don’t know well. And, if you are in any doubt about anyone you come into contact with or anything that has happened, then go straight to the local police.

Blend In

Try to look as much as possible like a local and that means hiding the maps, ID and, of course, cameras which can be challenging but can be done.

Keep it Hidden

Bags and purses may not be the best way to keep cash. They can be whisked away quickly and without you being aware so try to have a sturdy bag or wallet that can be kept across your body or under clothing for added security.

It is possible to claim compensation for a wide variety of holiday accidents such as balcony falls and slips and trips. However, only if it wasn’t your fault.