How To Travel Like A Jet Setter

How To Travel Like A Jet Setter

When you get caught up in the routine of life, you have probably found yourself staring out the window and imagining your dream vacation. You dream of taking off to exotic and luxurious locations where you are able to just relax and enjoy. This life, the life of a jet setter, is possible for anyone with a bit of planning and an open mind.

Plan for the Best Deals

Off-season airfare is generally the best deal. Try to avoid traveling during spring and summer break. These are two of the most expensive times to fly. Upgrading to first class or business class is a great idea when cheap tickets are purchased during slow travel seasons. It is also important to shop around. Check with various airlines and websites for the best possible deals.

Avoid Expensive Resorts

Expensive resorts are incredibly overrated, especially when traveling overseas. Smaller boutique hotels and inns are a great way to save money and still enjoy luxury accommodations. Some inns will also include a meal. Many small, privately owned lodges are incredibly luxurious and offer many of the same amenities as the large resorts. This is a great place to meet other jet setting travelers and locals. Resorts are often filled with tourists who are clueless about local culture and adventure.

Fashionably Comfortable

Jet setters know how to dress comfortably and still look amazing. The important thing is to have a few staple items that dress up any outfit. Scarves are easy to pack and take up little room. They are an incredibly easy way to dress up jeans or add color to a black dress. A great scarf can really stretch wardrobe options for those that wish to pack light. Audrey Hepburn was the picture of jet setting in her glamorous sunglasses. Accessories should be functional and fashionable. Avoid baggy clothing that may be comfortable but not at all fashionable.

Avoid Tourist Attractions

Ultimately, tourist attractions should be avoided at all costs. These are places to spend a lot of money and still not feel like a jet setter. Speak with locals or the keepers of an inn. Finding wonderful culture, dining and adventure off of the beaten path is the best way to jet set. Many local attractions are incredibly cheap or free. Try doing a local activity like dancing or golfing at the suggestion of locals. Stretching one’s dollar is a great way to get the most out of a jet setting adventure.

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